No, They DIDN’T Die for Your Freedoms!

What I am about to tell you isn’t a popular sentiment. In fact, it just might make you angry. I don’t really care about how you feel about this article but I do encourage you to take it in and give it some lengthy dispassionate consideration.

Another Memorial Day has come and gone. In the days leading up to this American national holiday plenty of social media was burdened with too many memes which conveyed the common message that American military personnel, dead and living, should be remembered and honored for protecting and preserving our American freedoms.

The vast majority of Americans simply accept that proposition as true without giving any thought to just how American freedoms are really lost. In my opinion most American residents confuse physical security with constitutionally guaranteed freedoms. The two are NOT synonymous.

Benjamin Franklin wrote that “They who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

Specific and implied American freedoms are codified in the Constitution of the United States. In order for those freedoms to be altered or revoked two things, and two things only, have to happen.

First, the nation would have to be invaded and/or occupied by a hostile force sufficient to subjugate the citizenry and install a new government.

Second, and most likely, is that the cultural, political and judicial polemic would shift in some way as to paradoxically reinterpret and reapply constitutional law in such a way as to incrementally diminish or modify the constitutional freedoms.

The first scenario is improbable and impossible. With or without a military the citizens of the United States, gun crazy as they are, would selflessly celebrate their Second Amendment rights to harass and drive off an enemy at great cost to those invaders.

America faced such threats in the late 18th and early 19th century but has realistically never been threatened by invasion since that time. The nation has grown too populous and too industrious, not to mention innovative, to be invaded and conquered on its own soil. Think of any war or military/terrorist threat since the War of 1812 or the Civil War of 1861-1865 and try to devise a scenario where this nation could be successfully overrun and subjugated. Go ahead.

Try to formulate a scenario where any enemy, be it Mexico, the Japanese, Germany, Vietnam, China, the Soviet Union or foreign and domestic terrorist groups or militias could conquer and occupy the land which comprises the United States of America. To be certain, many of these nations and groups could inflict horrible destruction upon the people and the land but a complete overthrow of the government and revocation of Constitutional rights is all but impossible.

During the American Civil War the forces of the Confederate States of America came very close to puncturing the Federal lines and threaten Washington D.C. Even so, the seat of the government of the United States would have evacuated to a new and safer location until the conflict could have been resolved. The CSA could do NOTHING to eliminate the United States of America even as it existed in 1861.

Since 1865 the American military has not been preserving or protecting freedom. They’ve been preserving and protecting American land, territories and its imperialistic footprint around the globe. The protection and preservation of freedom and the protection and security of lands and territories are NOT the same things.

I am of the jaded opinion that, despite funding, developing and establishing the most lethal military force in human history, the freedoms of the United States aren’t being lost, defended or preserved on any battlefield, but that those freedoms are being eroded away through the actions of the very government that the military industrial complex is protecting solely for capitalist and corporate manipulation.

Furthermore, Constitutional privacy rights are all but gone with the rise of the intelligence juggernaut of the NSA and its federal consorts. These organizations and federal departments and agencies have been established and given unprecedented and unlimited powers in the name of preserving freedom. The great irony and paradox (re: lie) here is that the opposite has become true.

Recent decisions by the Supreme Court of the United States of America have only buttressed the strength of the military industrial complex that is the subjugating despot of the American people and the despoiler of the rights of all of us.

I would propose that the American military has less to do with preserving and protecting American freedoms and more to do with protecting and preserving the interests of the despotic capitalist oligarchs which have managed to bend the judicial, executive and legislative branches of government to act in the best interests of their own will and the satiation of their endless greed and lust for unelected rule and power.

I am a free citizen of the United States only because we are a nation which is willingly, structurally and voluntarily ruled by law. The military doesn’t have a damn thing to do with that except, perhaps, to guard against the overt overthrow of the system of government. The overthrow which is presently underway is much more insidious and less obvious than that. It is to the advantage of the corporate oligarchs and the unregulated and unaccountable capitalist overlords that Americans remain distracted by threats against their physical security than for those citizens to give critical thought and consideration of who is really pulling the levers of power and the judiciary to gently lift those Constitutional freedoms from the open hands of an ignorant and blindly patriotic citizenry.

Few wars have to do with liberty. They have more to do with dominion. Those who would rule us have been more than happy to convince us of the need for, and to provide us with, an expensive and expansive military complex to deflect attention from the economic, social, legal and environmental atrocities that they commit for their own dominion over us all.

Awaken. Sober up. Arise. Act.

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