Welcome to jaysaysthings

Hello and welcome. I am Jay and I say things. The topics here will be wide ranging, informative, inspirational, intimate and, at times, introspective. I suppose a disclaimer should be issued: if you are easily offended by challenges to your ideas, worldview (yes, religion included) or by “mature” themes than this blog probably isn’t for you. If I like your posts or your responses, they will remain. And, because it’s MY blog, if I don’t like your posts or comments, I will happily delete them.

I truly hope that you will enjoy or, at least, tolerate my blog. My thoughts are sometimes best pondered under the comfort of a mellow wine glow or the buzz of your choice.

The posts can be found by clicking on the Recent Posts tab near the bottom of this page.

Thanks again for checking in. I appreciate the time given to this blog that you will never get back again.